Evans playing catch up at Spa

The New Zealand teenager got in just three laps at race speed during the 30 minute Friday practice session. He was disappointed to qualify 14that one of his favourite circuits and then finish the 25 lap race in eleventh place.

"The start wasn’t too bad. I made up a couple of positions on the first lap and, until the early safety car intervention, I was managing the tyres,” explained Evans.

"After the safety car the two cars in front of me were holding me up; so Dilmann and Coletti were able to close in. They got a run on me and we went three wide into the first corner.”

"I wanted to avoid an incident but I lost momentum and was slow down the hill to Eau Rouge. They both got through. After that our strategy was to go long before making the pit stop with only seven laps to run.”

Most of the field started on the harder Prime tyres and switched to a second set of Primes for the second stint. The Arden International team once again went for an alternative strategy, switching Evans onto the soft compound for his last seven lap.

He was running second on the road behind Trummer when he made his late stop; and shuffled back to 13thplace when he rejoined – back where he started. The softer tyres went off quickly but Evans made up two places, diving-bombing Trummer from well back to snatch eleventh at the last corner.

The tyre choice means if the weather stays dry on Sunday, Evans will have a new set of the orange-sidewalled hard tyres for tonight’s Sprint race.

"The weather here is changing all the time, but if it is dry we should have an advantage because virtually everyone else will be starting on used rubber.”