The GP2 Series

The series provides an opportunity for drivers to show their ability in front of the F1 teams as they compete on world-renowned circuits throughout Europe, while a new generation of car is created on a tri-annual basis, with upgrades throughout its life, to ensure that the challenge for the teams is also maintained.
The GP2 Series was designed to reflect five core values: 
 - Performance
 - Cost control
 - Entertainment
 - Safety
 - Preparation. 
The sporting and technical regulations are the blueprint of the championship and are only changed if the proposed modifications fit into the template formed by these values, which remain the guiding principles of the GP2 Series.

Couple of things about the GP2 Car
  • Overall weight: 688 kg (driver on-board)
  • V8 - 4 litre atmospheric - 612 HP
  • Acceleration: 0 - 100 km/h, 2.90 sec
  •                     0 - 200 km/h, 6.60 sec
  • Maximum speed: 332 km/h
  • 6-speed longitudinal Hewland sequential gearbox
  • Electro-hydraulic command via paddle shift from steering wheel